Multi Cover Car Insurance Explained

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What is MultiCover insurance? – How is it different to MultiCar insurance?

While MultiCar insurance lets you cover more than one car on the same policy, MultiCover insurance allows you to purchase a combined car and home insurance policy – with potential discounts on offer for those who do!

With bundled home and car insurance, you can also add more than one vehicle, meaning that your whole household could be covered by one MultiCover insurance policy. So instead of clogging your calendar with different dates for insurance renewals, MultiCover insurance will cover you for everything, with one annual payment!

How does MultiCover insurance work?

Buying a MultiCover insurance policy is no different to what you’re used to when buying a more traditional insurance policy.

As with any home or vehicle insurance, you should already have an idea of the level of cover that you’ll need to make sure that you’re completely protected.

For your vehicle, it is important to consider:

  • How many drivers you want registered
  • How many miles it will drive over the year
  • Where it will be kept overnight
  • How it’ll be used (domestic, commuting, business etc.)

For your home, make a decision on:

  • Whether you want buildings insurance, contents insurance or both
  • How much cover you’d need to replace your contents
  • Whether you need any extras, such as flood protection or boiler cover

Once you’ve have a rough idea on your level of cover, be sure to have details such as registration numbers, dates of birth and details of any previous insurance claims or driving convictions to hand.

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What if my existing car and home insurance renewal dates are different?

This is a common occurrence, but it is nothing to worry about!

Whether it is your home or your car that needs insuring the earliest, your MultiCover policy will begin for the one which is due first as soon as the payment is made – cover for any further assets which is not due yet will begin as soon as your existing insurance policy for them expires.

The policy runs for 12 months, meaning that after one year, all of your insurance premiums will be due on the same date.

How is my no claims bonus affected?

Simply put – it isn’t!

Any claim made on your home insurance through a MultiCover policy will not impact the no claims bonus that you receive on your car insurance – neither will any claim made on any other vehicle on the policy.

Where can I get a home and car insurance bundle in the UK?

Currently, the only mainstream insurance provider to offer MultiCover insurance in the UK is Admiral.

Admiral MultiCover was introduced in 2017, offering exclusive discounts to people who decided to take out both Admiral car insurance and Admiral home insurance under one individual policy.

You receive the same benefits that are available to Admiral’s MultiCar customers – such as windscreen repair and European cover – as well as the freedom to choose from the varying levels of Admiral home insurance. Find out more about their multi-car insurance policy in our Admiral car insurance review here.

Admiral allows you to add up to 7 vehicles and 1 home to a MultiCover policy when you get your quote online, however, there is potential for your cover to be spread further if you get your quote over the phone.

Is it cheaper to combine car and home insurance?

The discounts available mean that it is well worth your while getting a quote for MultiCover insurance on Admiral’s website, but it may not always be cheaper.

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