Widilo Review

  • Many retailers available including Topshop, Superdrug & Asos
  • Earn cashback on any purchases made via Widilo
  • Get a free £5 welcome bonus when you sign up
  • Cashback Reminder feature
  • Established for 8 years

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UK shoppers have grown to love cashback sites in recent years, saving them money on everything from car and home insurance to groceries and electrical goods – so this new addition to the cashback family, Widilo, is sure to go down a treat. 

It says that it offers one of the best cashback accounts in the UK, but what exactly is Widilo? And how does it work?  

We’ve got all of the answers in this complete Widilo review. 

What is cashback?

The question: ‘where can I get cashback?’ used to be a fairly simple one to answer, with only a handful of sites offering the service, but now there are countless ways of earning money back when you shop, one of which is Widilo. 

Cashback websites like Widilo allow customers to shop online while receiving a percentage of their purchase back. 

These websites get paid a commission fee for referring customers to popular websites, with part of this fee then passed onto the shopper. 

What is Widilo?

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Paris, Widilo claims to be one of the best cashback sites in the UK, aiming to offer the best offers, promo/voucher codes and cashback rates to customers shopping at all of their favourite retailers - and you can sign up for free!

Widilo also has a free-to-use Google Chrome extension plugin which informs customers of any available vouchers or cashback deals when on the retailer’s website. 

Widilo works with hundreds of popular retailers across the UK, Europe and beyond with cashback deals available on everything from holidays and flights to mobile phones and TVs. 

The savings don’t stop there, though, as Widilo also recommends money-off vouchers and discount codes, as well as ‘shopping points’ which can be redeemed to buy gift vouchers to spend at your favourite retailers.

And if you just fancy having a browse of their best cashback deals and voucher code offers, Widilo has a Happy Hour page, where you can find the most amazing deals on offer.

Get a free £5 welcome bonus when signing up using the link below:

How does cashback work?

Before earning any cashback, shoppers must register for a Widilo login account on the Widilo website. 

When shopping online, Widilo customers can earn cashback by using its links when visiting a website. For example, by using Widilo’s links to retailers like Topman, Superdrug or ASOS, customers will be reimbursed a percentage of their transaction. 

For example, rather than typing your favourite retailer directly into a search engine like Google, first search for it on Widilo – if it is available, click the ‘activate cashback’ button and you will be taken straight to the company’s website to continue the purchase as normal. 

Any cash back earned is paid directly into the customer’s Widilo account, and once they have racked up £15, the money can simply be withdrawn to their bank account. 

How do I withdraw cashback from Widilo?

Before withdrawing any earnings, customers must reach a minimum of £15 in their cashback account – after this, money can be withdrawn either via BACS payment or PayPal.  

Once the request for withdrawal has been submitted, customers will receive a confirmation email and expect to see the cash in their chosen account within 5 days. The amount of time needed to wait will vary from bank-to-bank, but Widilo recommends that those who do not receive their money within this 5-day period should contact them directly.  

How long do I have to wait to withdraw cashback?

Once you’ve made a purchase via one of Widilo’s links, it can take up to 48 hours for your cashback to show as ‘pending’. This means that your purchase has been tracked, but the validity of the purchase is waiting to be confirmed, which can take some time and can vary between retailers. 

According to Widilo, the average validation takes around 30 days, but they admit that some retailers can take up to 90 days to validate a purchase. If cashback remains ‘pending’ for more than 90 days, customers are encouraged to contact Widilo directly. 

Why was my cashback declined?

In some cases, cashback will be declined – customers will be informed of this both through email and the Widilo website.  

There are a number of reasons for this, including: 

  • There was a return/exchange of at least part of the order  
  • The order was not paid for 
  • There was use of a promo code not provided by Widilo (eg. student discount) 
  • The purchase was made with a gift card/certificate  
  • The user was simultaneously navigating other sites whilst placing your order (making it hard to track) 

Customers who feel that they have been wrongly denied cashback should contact Widilo directly. 

Widilo cashback reminder

The Widilo Cashback Reminder allows customers to be instantly notified when there is a promo code or cashback offering available whilst browsing the web. 

This means that, when shopping online, customers will be prompted to ‘activate cashback’ directly from the retailer’s website, solving one of the main problems people have with these popular money-back websites: forgetting that they exist! 

The Widilo Cashback Reminder is a plugin for Google Chrome, and can be safely installed via the Widilo website. 

Bobatoo’s verdict

Widilo might be a new entrant into the cashback market in the UK, but it has a strong 8-year history in providing the same service across Europe, so don’t let this put you off. 

Widilo works with some of the same retailers as other major cashback sites, like Quidco and Top Cashback and offer an additional ‘shopping points’ bonus to really maximise cashback potential. 

The Widilo Cashback Reminder is another great feature, making sure that customers are always kept in the know when it comes to cashback and shopping online.

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